The 6th China Zhengzhou International Logistics Exhibition in 2019
2019-04-01 Pfeiffer Century Shipping Editorial
On April 1st, Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center was grandly unveiled. The 6th China Zhengzhou International Logistics Exhibition welcomed the guests from all over the world. There are 20,000 people covering logistics, express delivery, food, biology, medicine, tobacco, clothing and automobile manufacturing, and restaurant chain. Professional buyers from more than 30 industries are on hand. As the highlight of the annual exhibition, the organizers of the exhibition have launched a series of intensive preparations. The 2019 Zhengzhou International Logistics Exhibition has more than ten contents in the same period, covering smart logistics, medical logistics, intelligent cold chain, multimodal transport, green The concurrent activities of the latest hot topics such as logistics and warehousing services have been staged to meet the expectations of the industry.