With many years of development, our company focuses on the exploration and development in South Asia and India Pakistan route, and signs long-term contracts with a number of shipowners (HMM/COSCO/MSK/WANHAI/EMC) and maintains good relations. With other Carriers.


For Europe trade,we have many carrier to choose, which covers the alliance‘’s advantages,especially in The Balticwe also have long term and advantages in services. Container Exports is our traditional advantagesWe quickly occupied the corresponding market share and won the trust of the guests. The company has a professional operation team, familiar with shipping company documents, customs, wharf, yard’s process and key points for attention. We will choose reasonable, economical and fast transportation modes for customers, optimize business processes, pay attention to every detail, strive to reduce logistics costs, simplify the complex logistics of customers, and fully reflect the efficiency and economic advantages of one-stop logistics services.