Inland transportation
Our company can provide domestic door-to-door pick-up/delivery services, according to customer requirements to provide point-to-point delivery services and one-stop value-added logistics services.
Customs declaration
Professional and efficient: 2 hours customs clearance for export shipping and 1 working day advanced inquiry system for import shipping: transparent and controllable customs clearance status. Service Team Experience: Handling Problems in a Timely and Efficient Way
Service Scope:
Export: ATA Documents, Dangerous Goods, Outward Contracting Project, Export Goods Supervision and Loading Business, Temporary Import and Export Business, etc.
Import: Import and export clearance of private goods, special regulatory areas and bonded regulatory sites, one-day tour of special regulatory areas, exhibits, waste goods, dangerous goods, food, agricultural and chemical products, mechanical and electrical products, etc.
Warehousing Reinforcement Packaging Service
Warehousing, sorting, weighing, packaging, size measurement, labeling, palletizing, film covering, bar code coding and scanning of import and export goods.
Fumigated wooden pallets, wooden box packaging, shrinkable film packaging and other packaging services can be provided. The binding, reinforcement, transportation, installation, transporting and packing of large bulk cargo, engineering machinery and equipment, etc. All kinds of imported goods loading and unloading trailer supervision, loading and unloading business, according to customers special needs.
Our company can arrange cargo insurance business for customers, which is professional, safe, fast and convenient.