The 10th Global Logistics Enterprise Development Summit in 2019
2019-05-06 Pfeiffer Century Shipping Editorial
The general manager participated in the 10th Global Logistics Enterprise Development Summit held by Jincheng Logistics Network in Kuala Lumpur in 2019. 2019 The 10th Global Logistics Enterprise Development Summit is one of the influential high-end conferences in the logistics industry. It is a grand event covering the logistics industry and related derivative industries.

The summit attracted more than 800 senior executives from more than 80 countries and more than 80 countries, and continued the face-to-face direct dialogue between the participating companies. The nearly one-hundred round of “one-on-one negotiation” was the participating company. Expand contacts, accumulate resources, promote mutual understanding, seek cooperation opportunities, help companies improve their influence, provide direction for industry development, and build a platform for cooperation and win-win cooperation.


Through lectures, forums, business card lunches, one-on-one negotiations, welcome dinners, etc., the summit will break the communication barriers in the industry, strengthen cooperation in the industry, provide a good opportunity for the overall environmental development of the industry and the company's own operation and expansion, and promote the industry. Exchange experiences, gain insight into customer needs, and achieve win-win and development in the industry.

As a growing Pf, the summit has also benefited us a lot, providing us with a good opportunity for our own business and expansion in the future. We believe that we can exchange experience with industry players from all over the world to gain insight into customer needs and achieve win-win and development.